Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Storm Large, Rock Star, G-O-O-G-L-E

She wasn't kidding. Here's a selection of tasteful nudes at Flickr. God bless technology. And the good folks at KG Photography.

Actual Update: A pretty good show. I don't get the judges in some cases. They'll say things like they're "looking for Ozzfest, not Lilith Fair" to condemn people with slower or more mellow songs, and then they go hog wild for that ballad-y version of "Everybody Hurts." So do they want it hard, or soft? I guess you really do need to fight for your song, because if you get a sucky song from the list, you could be pretty much screwed. Plus, some of those songs seem like the third or ninth or fifteenth best song by a given band. You can't find a better Beatles song than "Helter Skelter?" Come on.

Having said all that, on a show like this, it is the obligation of the singers to sell the songs, no matter what songs they get. As Gunny Highway might say, you've got to adapt, and overcome.

The real sick part of all this? If I'm going to keep writing about this, I'm actually going to have to start paying attention to their names. I can't just talk about how much I love the Bride of Satan get-up the girl who sang "Zombie" was wearing.

Actual Update: Thanks Ace for the link, and all you AoS Lifestylers for stopping by. More pics, marginally more tasteful, here.
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