Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Storm Large, More Pics, Less Nude

Philip (not Phillip, sorry about that), over at Life In and Around Memphis is like me, and lots of other people, who did a little Googling for our gal Stormy, but he puts his pic links in an actual quality post about Rockstar: Supernova. His pics are so much nicer in so many ways: larger, in color, more of them. They are NSFW, but mainly because of the poses, rather than the exposure. The entire set has one bosom, from an angle.

Go here for the post with the smaller, mostly black and white, but full on frontal bosomy action.

I swear, men are so immature. Why haven't you women taken over the world yet?


What's the deal?
Thanks for the shoutout. I agree, how have women not taken over the world? I guess they get close but after 27 days or so, they lose focus.
Heh heh heh. Ixnay on the oselay ocusfay, I almost got in trouble with the missus. But yeah, I laughed. Hard.
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