Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Spring Take Two

Last week I took some poor photos of this blooming dwarf peach tree, the critically hailed Fuzzy Spring.

Let's take a look at what a week can do. Nobody guessed the mystery plant, so no gold stars for you! Settle for the pics of the Bird of Paradise:

Here's Fuzzy Pink one week later, with a second white bloom next to it:

Hopeful wasn't just the title of this angle from last week, it was prophetic. Last week:

And this week:

Last week, the fuse was lit. This week, they exploded:

Last year, the dwarf peach had a run in with a falling pine branch. I didn't know if it would survive. Interestingly enough, it seemed to grow a lot more after the damage than it had before. You'll see the black smudge shadow where it was cracked:

And from a better angle:

And closer, if fuzzier:

Yep. It's a tough little tree. And here's a bonus pic of Princess Candy, next in line to the throne, keeping an eye on things:
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