Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Fuzzy Spring

I see the dwarf peach tree is blooming, seemingly overnight. I'd noticed the buds over the last few days, and now a few are finally opening. Unfortunately, my little digital camera is so old and cheap, it's almost not worth the effort. Everything looks fine through the viewfinder, but the pics themselves have varying degrees of non-focus. This camera is so old, it doesn't even have a viewscreen to check the pictures. I have to hook the thing up to the computer to see how they've turned out. And so I give you fuzzy spring. First, we have Green Shoots A Poppin:

You'll note the green fuzzy in the center. That's the peach tree. On the far right, you'll see the nibbled tip of a large leaf of another plant. A gold star for whoever can guess the plant.

Next up in the gallery is Fuzzy Pink:

This was the bloom that caught my eye as I passed today. It looks much better on the tree. Sorry about that.

Maybe this next one will be better? You be the judge. I call it Pinker! Closer! Fuzzier!:

Lots of peach pits on the ground below. This unfortunate tree gives lots of fruit, but it's never very sweet. Some I may have picked too early, but others I waited til they dropped off the branch with just a look, and those didn't taste any better. However, about the only peaches I've ever eaten were form a can (packed in syrup!) or in a cobbler. Maybe peaches off the tree just aren't that sweet? Let me know.

Here's some welcome green, always nice to see after a mild, central-California winter. I just call this one Hopeful:

Here are a couple of nice buds, not quite open yet. Last of all, The Fuse Is Lit:

This tree almost didn't survive an accident last year. It's funny how I can hate almost everyone on earth, but I have a sentimental attachment to this tree. Maybe I'll try to get a shot of the damage, and the progress of the buds, if I can get the camera to do any better.
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