Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It's Not Just George!

I ran a bit a while back, a scene for Seinfeld, with George and Jerry taking a cab to go to lunch. Is that a genre? Fanfic? You may have read it on a tip from Bill at So Quoted (So Quoted, So Quoted. Heh heh heh.) who was kind enough to give a link. It could have been better, I'm sure, even in ways I can't see or recognize, but I was still pleased with how it turned out. I'm not saying it was perfect or anything, but if it's the first thing you read on this site, the rest of it is probably going to be all down hill.

And looking back, I botched the George taking his parents to Sizzler thing. That was the payoff. The setup that should have come earlier, didn't. It was in my head all along, and as I read the scene I never missed it. When I got to the payoff, it worked for me because I knew the setup. But this is way off topic. Here's the relevant bit:
Jerry: Did you just say smorgasborg?

George senses the potential for ridicule: Smorgas- what, why, what do you- ?

Jerry: I thought I heard you say it a minute ago but I know I just heard it now. You said smorgasborg.

George knows he's caught: It's not smorgasborg?

Jerry: No, it's smorgasbord, smorgasbord, with a "d" at the end.

George bluffs: Actually Jerry, it's you who is mistaken. It is smorgasborg, with a "g" at the end.

Jerry: George! It's smorgasbord. It's Swedish. It means sandwich table. What do you think? You go for the mashed potatoes and they tell you you're going to be assimilated?

Now we're on topic. Got a hit earlier, someone googling "smorgasborg definition." So it's not just George, after all.
You need to spend more time at "Tolkien Geek".
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