Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Oh What A Good Boy Am I!

I shared my joy with you previously, and I did all my research and got you the goods. The show in question is Armstrong and Getty, a couple of local morning talk hosts heard in the central valley and the Bay Area.

As for the transcript, well, listen to the podcast for the whole thing. Here, I'll just reproduce their comments:

Mailbag begins 13:56 of hour 1 of the 11/14/05 show

Yours truly is mentioned at 18:47 by co-host Joe Getty. Jack Armstrong is the high pitched guy who chips in once in a while.
Joe Getty: Lord . . . somebody who calls himself Lord Floppington . . . huh huh heh heh . . . writes, from his padded room (blah blah insert portion of email here). However, writes Lord Floppington ah ha ha ha ha
Jack Armstrong: Heh heh . . . if that is his real name
Joe Getty: I, I'm seeing it as a cartoon rabbit, you know? With a monocle and a bow tie. Anyway (more email, ending with "Keep up the great work.) You too, Lord Floppington, sir!(dead air for four seconds, then bemused, slightly bewildered chuckle)

You'll have to listen to the podcast for the super secret detective work these guys do, but the whole bit is less than three minutes, so it's not a huge chunk of your life. I have to admit I was surprised at how quickly he zoomed in on it.

I must say in the original post, I had forgotten the monocle and bow tie part of it. It's practically an affront. I may have to send them here to learn the error of their ways.
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