Monday, November 14, 2005


The Pride Of The Yankees . . . Err Floppingtons

I read several blogs. Mainly they're biggies, people who could give a rat's ass about some rinky dink schmuck like me. Which is fine. But I would always get a little thrill if I happened to see one of them on TV. I've never heard any of them on the radio. The feeling was always like some friend or family member was on TV.

I got to have a little joy myself today. Not on TV. No. The closest I ever got to being on TV was when my shirt was in the frame as Ron Lim did a quick sketch for me at Superman's funeral way back when. And I've met two local news anchors and had lunch with them. But today-ay-ay, I consider myself-self-self, the luckiest Lord Floppington-ton-ton, on the face of the Earth-Earth-Earth.

I refer you back to this post about some comments O'Reilly made about a couple of items on the ballot in San Francisco last Tuesday. It was a hot topic on a local radio show last Friday, and as I have occasionally done in the past, I fired off a little email to them. Even as I wrote it, I felt like it was capturing the sort of thing they like in emails they get, and I felt like I might have a halfway decent shot at making Monday's (today's) mailbag. They don't much go for pseudonyms, but what the heck, Lord Floppington's gotta have some standards. Fortune favors the bold and all that. Sure enough, this morning I heard something I never thought I'd hear. Lord Floppington, said on the air. And they mentioned the name three or four times! It was so way better than getting a letter published in Mad magazine. Super hardcore fans might try looking in the 260's or so, the one with The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom cover.

I think I've got a line on a podcast to which I can direct you, and I'll make a transcript here, so I'll hold off on any other details until tomorrow, when I'll give you an update. Just to hold you over, comments about yours truly included "padded cell" and a suggestion I might be some sort of long eared cartoon rabbit! Which if you look at the picture is so obviously not true!

Cartoon rabbit indeed. Not that there's anything wrong with that!
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