Friday, July 29, 2005


On The Road Again. With Update!

Well it's that time again, my little angels. I may have mentioned that part of my work with the company involves certain liaison type activities between the big cheeses and the lowly grunts. It just kills me to say it. You already know the agony of the lunchroom, where I get to listen to the sorts of jabs from liberal types against conservatives that only come in an environment that is overwhelmingly, massively, left leaning. Captain Burnout is a prime example of this. I am so not part of that mindset. So what is it that it's killing me to say? Somehow I've become, for the past few years, a union rep. And we have some statewide conference going on, that I'll be leaving to attend. I'm sure it will totally suck. I shall endeavor not to be assimilated as I drown in a sea of anti-Bush and anti-Arnold bitterness.

The bright spot? I'm going here. To see this thing here. No pictures allowed though, so that's a bummer. I did get a new phone, so i'll try to experiment with taking some pics with that. I have not the patience for manuals, so I'm going mainly by experimentation. I sent, or at least attempted to send, an early shot of the batcave to myself over email, but it hasn't arrived so far. I might include it in an email later. Apparently there may be some sort of cable or cord which will deliver the pics directly from the phone to the computer. I'll look for that sooner or later, and you'll have plenty of lame pics to look at. Or if you know about that stuff, you can give me some ideas. (Ha ha me brain work, see update below)

Also on the bright side, Young D won't be able to make it, so I'll have the room all to myself. Which means I can write all sorts of stuff for you guys, since no one else I know will be there. Not so bright side, I'll be afk for a week, unable to give you anything til next Saturday. But I should have some good notes saved up by then. So what will you do in the mean time? I have a couple of discussions for you.

First up, Elimidate. In case you're not familiar, this dating show puts one guy with four girls. Over the course of the half hour show, he will eliminate the dates (see how they got the title?) one by one until he is left with the one girl he likes best. I'm not sure if they get a prize or what. In the past, they did the reverse, one girl with four guys, but over the last few weeks, I've only seen one episode with that lineup. The rest have been one guy and four girls.

Now I'm not a complete fool (the question of whether or not I'm a complete tool is still open), and I understand that the producers want to entertain the audience. So I could see the occasional catty gal here and there, but literally EVERY SINGLE WOMAN WHO HAS EVER BEEN ON THE SHOW??? If the producers sat in a meeting and said, "Hey it would be so cool for all the girls to call each other sluts or bitches, make derogatory remarks about each other's physical appearance, and make cracks about how much of a bimbo the others are" I would think sure, maybe that's good for a laugh once in a while, but you're never going to find enough of them so that EVERY SINGLE GIRL ON THE SHOW does exactly that when trying to get the man to pick her. I wouldn't have believed it possible. It's like a car accident, and I can't look away because I keep wondering if there is any woman in her twenties in America who has any class whatsoever? Help me out here ladies. What is the deal with the obsessive need of women to tear each other down rather than lift themselves up? Guys, if you have any insight on this topic, feel free to chime in as well. You've got a week to educate me on the subject. With my readers, that means maybe two comments. Let's go for a record and see if we can break three comments this time. I think we can do it, and here's a second topic that will help push us over the top.

Question: Are you allowed to say that a bad neighborhood is a bad neighborhood if it happens to be the case that a majority of the inhabitants of said neighborhood happen to belong to one ethnic/racial group? Does that make you a racist or something? Or are you in the clear saying it's a bad neighborhood as long as you ignore who lives there? Help us out minorities, we crackers want to know.

Whichever you decide to respond to, be sure to tell your friends so they can come here and declare your genius or ridicule your stupidity. They may even have a comment of their own to share.

Actual Update: The pic finally arrived! And you can see it below in all its semi-blurry glory. I should note that when I say batcave, I'm referring not to the real one from the movies, but the more generic batcave that all men dream of. The secret place that is off limits to women and holds all the secret guy toys we all want. Of course, until I win the lottery, I won't be able to afford my ideal batcave. This is only a temporary refuge. It's where I go to read and write blogs, watch TV and DVD's, play computer games, and as the following pic shows, display certain non-mainstream items. You're seeing the backup computer, Pee-Wee Herman, Timmy!, the roof of an M&M Christmas gift box, part of a Simpsons poster, and part of a sketch done by Ron Lim at a local funeral for Superman. It may very well be impossible to tell what the sketch is, but if you can guess, I will sing your praises for all six of the other readers to see and let them envy your mad detective skills.

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