Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Can It Be?

Ok this is the second day in a row where I see a report on FNC, but can’t find it on their web page. Are they slow, or am I dense? Advice appreciated.

Anyway, I think I saw that Charles Rangel was arrested after blocking the entrance to the Sudanese embassy, I guess. He’s protesting Darfur, of which I look at headlines here without following the links. I know. I’m a bad citizen. Now this is good protest. He isn’t waving signs or smashing windows. Rangel is practicing true civil disobedience. Can’t the Advo-terrorists (term coined here) who plan to sabotage the GOP convention follow this sort of example? I mean I can’t remember any specific examples, but for some reason I always thought Rangel was kind of loony. And yet I see him on O’Reilly all the time. Now that I think of it, O’Reilly likes having him there for the same reasons I like Rangel’s protest methodology: he is respectful of those who might disagree. Oh my goodness, can I really be saying we need more Charles Rangel’s in the world? I guess I am. Outside of Darfur, he and I may never disagree, but unlike most Democrats and loony lefties, I feel like I could actually discuss things with him in a civil fashion, and maybe even be friends.

UPDATE: Scattered reports of airborne pigs beginning to come in.
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