Monday, June 30, 2008


Old MacDonald Had A Farm . . .

I don't always keep up with the pictures so well, but here are a few from a local farm. If you find yourself a bit southeast from Sacramento, wandering the back roads, you can pull over by the fence and look at some of the unusual animals. Or, if not unusual, at least the sorts of animals we don't usually think of as barnyard animals.

First up, we have some cattle, plus a bit of an emu coming in on the left. Check out the one on the right, with the big horns. No, he's not digging in the ground for roots. He always looks like this. The horn is so heavy that his head just tilts over all the time.

They all started taking a walk. An ok view of the horns, unfortunately less distinct because of the cow walking behind.

And a little farther, but a little clearer.

Not your typical cow. And here's a funky pony. The thing just looks so shaggy, and unlike other horses I've seen. You'll notice sheep too, and all of these animals are sharing the same field.

Longhorn, two emus, and some creepy doglike creature. It pretty much followed the same bull (cow? mommy?) wherever it went.

I have no idea what that thing is. Maybe it is just a calf. It just kooked so strange.

This is the only guy who would come right up to the fence. look at the cute eyes and the fuzzy head.

And the fuzzy neck. You just want to reach out and pet it.

Except that this bad ass is like eight feet tall and could peck your eyes out right over the top of that fence. Maybe the ostrich is a completely docile creature, but with something that big, can you really take the chance? I mean, a horse is a pretty sweet animal, but if you're not careful giving it a carrot, it'll chomp your finger off.

I guess I never really thought about it, but I was surprised by the look of the legs. here's a closeup of some ostrich feathers and the surprisingly leathery looking leg.

So until next time, put that in your cap and call it macaroni!
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