Sunday, October 07, 2007


Magical Mystery Tour, Part Four

Leaving Susanville on day two, we took State Highway 139 going north. We pulled over on the slopes of Antelope mountain to look back down the valley from whence we came. This is a little to the left:

And a little to the right:

That faint line running left to right is the road we were just on, minutes before. You may be able to make out the slow motorhome:

Which means we have time for one more quick pic before I jump in the car and we haul it. We did not want to get stuck behind him! Fortunately, Miss Tori was willing to do a lot of driving so I could take pics. Thanks for being so patient honey! Bye Susanville:

I like to think of these as ghost trees. They died who knows how long ago, probably in a fire, and yet they're still standing. How many of you will serve as your own tombstone when you die? Thought so:

Sure, we beat the motorhome, but we still got stuck behind one of the slowest drivers in the vicinity of Eagle Lake:

At Eagle Lake, you stay in pretty houses like this:

then you play on the pretty lake:

Which looks to be good for swimming, and water-skiing, and maybe even fishing:

We stopped at the north end of Lassen County to take a pic, on Hwy 139, possibly at Susanville Road. We left the town of Susanville a long ways back, so how they came up with that name I have no idea. Oh, it's Mount Shasta, by the way:

Not the best picture, but a pretty impressive mountain, all the same:

Another fifty or sixty miles up Hwy 139, I was distracted by a sign for the Lava Beds National Monument. We'll get there next time!
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