Friday, October 05, 2007


Magical Mystery Tour Part Three

Moving on from Honey lake, we soon found ourselves in Susanville. It's a cute little town, with a cute little name. And some dude driving this hot rod mobile:

We didn't quite find old town Susanville, but we did come across a couple of large paintings on the side of a building that seem to reproduce old photographs. The first shows Main and Lassen streets, in 1918:

This one is Main and Gay streets, in 1935:

Pretty cool stuff. When you roll through these dinky towns, you start to notice that many of them have these sorts of murals. Makes me wonder if some guy just spends his career rolling through small towns, proposing public arts projects like these. Who are you, itinerant artist?

Here we are at the Susanville Trailhead of the Bizz Johnson Trail. Nice sign:

You may have noticed the rails at the bottom of that pic. The trail follows train tracks for a little ways. here's a pic looking over some intervening trees and brush to some rooftops beyond:

Here's a nice dedication plaque for the Lassen Street bridge:

Which is kinda long for a semi-wobbly, fleixbly-timbered foot bridge, but perhaps not quite as long as it looks in this pic:

Here are a couple of water shots, looking south. Closer view:

And a longer view. I still get pleasantly surprised at how non-awful some of these are:

And here's the other side, sort of north-eastish:

What the? Freaking anarchists in Susanville? I didn't even know they had taken a position on the WTO:

Or is that the symbol of the Satanists? I'm always getting them confused.

Elevation 4220, by the way:

Remember those train tracks? That was foreshadowing. Union Pacific is pulling for you, America:

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