Saturday, August 04, 2007


2008 Toyota Highlander. Summer Cleaning. Movie Reviews. Insect Invasions. And A Minor Potter Spoiler. (Whew!)

I guess it's been sort of a busy time lately for me. We took some time to go on vacation, for which there may be some pics later. We traveled on the road of death.

Huh. I just realized that this summer I've been on one of the deadliest beaches in California, and on one of the deadliest roads in California. Who knew I was death defying?

We saw the Harry Potter movie. Brief review: While every Potter movie has to cut a lot of material from the book to keep the film a manageable length, this was the first movie in which major events that shouldn't have been cut, were.

We saw Transformers. Brief review: Pretty much the same as the first Spider-Man, and Lord of the Rings. They didn't screw it up, and it was pretty damn good. Also, it will be a good time even if you aren't a Transformers fan.

We were fortunate enough to get a new car, a 2008 Highlander. Seems pretty nice so far. If there's any interest, maybe I could put together more about that as well.

We also did a major house cleaning, upstairs, downstairs, file cabinets, in the office. Even more major was the garage cleaning. Don't even ask.

Also, since our area is sort of sprawling into the countryside a little, we've encountered a situation that might be called the "Summer of a Zillion Wasps." Even Miss Tori, who really is a saint, and has compassion for all living things (did I mention we were in the drive through, and she noticed a praying mantis on the windshield wiper, and she got out of the car to pick it up and place it on a nearby tree?) has taken part in the battle against the wasp.

Actually, it kind of reminds me of how Mrs. Weasley opened up the whup-ass there in book seven. Which reminds me that at, I took the Sorting Hat quiz, and it said the character I was most like was Arthur Weasley, and my house is Ravenclaw. Funny how that worked out.
So you got the Highlander? That's great. A good family car and it's a Toyota. You can't go wrong there. Did you get the hybrid? Just curious. Anyway, I'm sure it's not so bad being the hen-pecked husband if the wife isn't too much of a beast ;-)
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