Monday, July 23, 2007


The Truth Really Is Out There!

I've been trying lately to keep my eye out for examples of media bias. You know, the sort of media bias that goes in my favor. Or rather, that goes against me, so I can use it to show how unfairly maligned us poor conservatives are.

You might imagine I was quite pleased to see this bit over at Instapundit on a poll about bias in the media:
In the final poll of a series measuring perceptions of media bias, the Associated Press, local television stations, MSNBC, and CNBC are all perceived as tilting to the left when reporting the news.

I was excited. I eagerly followed the link. After all, this meant I wasn't some lone crank, wandering the deluded wilderness of an imagined conspiracy. Others see it too. The truth really is out there!

When I got to the Rasmussen post, I saw that Instapundit had quoted the first line of the story, the same quote I used above. When I read the rest of the story, I must confess I ended up rather deflated.

Sure, I suppose one way of looking at is to note that while some people think AP, MSNBC and CNBC have a conservative bias, more than twice as many think these same news organizations have a liberal bias. Goes pretty well with this headline:
Associated Press, MSNBC and CNBC Seen as Having Liberal Bias.

It might even make you think that some 70% see a liberal bias, as another 30% see a conservative bias. Further down in the article, it becomes clear that the real numbers don't live up to the headline.

Yes, there are two and a half times as many people who perceive a liberal bias, but those who see a conservative bias were 12%, and those who saw a liberal bias were only 30%.The ratio sounds impressive. The actual numbers, not so much.

I'm no expert on polling. I'm no expert on how poll makers present their poll results. But unless I'm reading the poll wrong (and I am a public school graduate), the headline ought to be something like:
Newest Poll Shows Most Americans Don't See Media Bias at Associated Press, MSNBC or CNBC.

The way this poll was presented makes it look like the only bias to be found in this story is right at the doorstep of Rasmussen Polling.

And if that's not enough to make me grumpy, I'm on a diet too.
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