Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Put A Little Extra In The 401K, Mabel!

If you don't, you might have to go to a second rate nursing home. The sort of place that hires caretakers who wrote notes like this to other kids when they were in school:

Tew: ShoRty

Hey ShoRty. Wadd it DeW. Watcha been Up 2? Why Did Ya mamma bReaK UR fone? Why did u hav 2 go 2 theRapy. Well I was talking to my fRieND Angel He’s gonna go 2 juvy pRetty soon Cuz he stabbed DIS BoY with ScissoRs The Boy was talking shit I gess and anel went out ta ConRol and grabbed some scissoRs and started BeatiN dat dude. Da Boy DiDn’t die. Probably gonna hav some scaRs anyways watcha been up to. Me NuthiN. Well anyways Ilike ya sweater. Let me borrow it one day? Where DiD u Buy it? I’ma go Back with my dad pretty soon.
Boo Boo

Or maybe kids have always written notes like this.

Try not to cry yourself to sleep tonight.
You know, since you spend most of your working day for the whole of your life around this type of mentality....I don't know what's worse...spending your old age when you probably have alzheimer's and can't remember a damn thing, and you're being cared for by someone like this...or spending your entire career trying to communicate with someone like this on a daily basis. Hmmm.
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