Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hi, Do You Recognize Me?

My name is Dreamz, and I'm a scumbag.

Most people, when they think of dreams, they think of hopes, fantasies and positive ideas. I was proud to be part of that.
I was proud to say that Dreamz was a name that stood for something. That Dreamz meant what he said. I could have kept a low profile after making that deliberate lie to Yao, promising him I would hold up my end of the bargain. What's that? You say I meant it at the time? Certainly Yao thought so. But on the final night, I couldn't even keep it in and I had to admit that yes, I did in fact have it all planned out. It all worked according to my plan. Go back and look on the Tivo. I said it. So it was a deliberate lie to Yao. Sucker fell for it.
So I could have kept a low profile. I could have minimized my lie. Instead, I maximized it by mentioning over and over how if it came down to it, I would give Yao immunity because I wouldn't want to look like a liar in front of my son.
I was proud to be part of hopes and fantasies and positive ideas. I was. But first thing Monday, I'm changing my name.
Do you recognize me? My name is Nightmare, and I'm a scumbag.
I guess lies are part of the game. I may have even written something to that effect. I can't even tell you what's so different about this time. All I can tell you is that it was different. All those other times seemed like semi-promises. Give me a dollar now and I'll pay you back next week. That's a semi-promise. I'll get this round of beers; you get the next one. You can skate by for a long time being the guy who will get the next round of beers. That's a semi-promise. Agreeing to trade your pudding cup for someone's cookies at lunch time, eating the cookies, and then not handing over the pudding cup. That's no semi-promise. That's a hard core, straight up, one for one trade. That's the sort of promise dreamz made with Yao. At least, that's how I see it. And, of course it's just an opinion.
Now I see Earl won with a unanimous vote. Why? Keeping in mind that the show is edited, and we don't see every conversation and activity twenty-four hours a day, it seemed like Cassandra was lazy, didn't do much, and pretty much rode on the backs of others. It's possible to claim that you aren't lazy, and are just using the "under the radar" strategy. It's obviously a viable tactic, since she made it to the final three, but to win over the jury, you've also got to have charisma and an abundance of people skills. Cassandra got zero votes. That tells me that she was not making an effort to win over jury members. That tells me that she really was lazy.
Dreamz? My take is that he's a scumbag. After seeing the recap, it's clear that it's not just me. The audience seems to think Dreamz is a scumbag too. Jeff also noted that Dreamz is a victim of the Eddie Murphy syndrome. More on that some other time.
Earl, he's just a stand-up guy. Even Yao voted for him. That pretty much says it all.
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