Tuesday, April 24, 2007


If You Haven't Heard About This Story . . .

. . . the fact that you haven't is almost as disturbing as the story itself.

And if you're not in Knoxville, you probably haven't heard this either.

Here's a bit more from a Knoxville television station.

All of this happened over a few days, beginning back on January 6th.

At least you're well informed about Imus and some words he said that might have hurt some feelings. That's the important stuff you need to know about, not brutal murders. Why do you think you heard about one and not the other?

You know who Matthew Shepard is, and that was years ago. The crime was "widely reported by international news media as a savage beating due to his homosexuality." Google hits: 1,420,000.

You know who James Byrd Jr. is, and that was years ago. It was "an act of vicious racism." Google hits: 1,330,000.

It hasn't even been four months, and yet you've probably never even heard of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. Google hits: at the current rate, in another nine years, they might hit 1,047,600.

Why do you think you heard about Shephard and Byrd Jr., but not about Christian and Newsom?

If you're still not sure, Jack Dunphy at NRO can fill you in. The news isn't pretty, and neither is this story.
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