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I'm telling you, it's the hair. He's man-pretty, and the girls keep voting for him. In some ways, it's sad, because I'm sure that after the last two weeks, he must be feeling a bit guilty. Someone who wasn't as self-aware would be excited about moving on, but Sanjaya knows he's moving on at the expense of better singers.

What can he do, though? It's not about Randy, Paula and Simon anymore; it's all on the voters, and that's where it gets interesting.

Remember those two guys from early in the auditions? Bush Baby and Tweedle-Dee? Here's a little story about them. Their auditions run from about 0:42 to 2:02. The stink of this Olberman piece is that Idol is evil for putting these guys on, and for making fun of them. Or at least that seemed to be the root of the furor.

However, at this point, Idol has nothing to do with keeping Sanjaya on. A mockery is being made of one of the contestants, and we're the ones keeping the moment alive.

So why are we doing it? Is it really just the hair that is getting the votes of millions of prepubescent girls? Are people so dumb that they really think Sanjaya is the better singer? Or, do we know he's a worse singer, we don't care about the hair, and we're voting for him anyway, just because it's fun to see him squirm?

Then you've got the people at Vote for the Worst. They've got a whole website devoted to voting for the worst singer each week, and as a consequence, getting rid of a more deserving singer. Sanjaya is their man at this point. What happens if Sanjaya wins? Well, it's possible to imagine that something like that would break the show, sort of a jump the shark moment, if you will.

Honestly, Vote for the Worst sounds like nothing more than a couple of people with a grudge for not getting on TV a few seasons back. Hey guys, so you weren't that great. At least you didn't suck so bad that they put you on as one of the mockable losers you claim to care so much about.

I have to believe that's who they are, because I just can't see one of the other networks having the skill to pull off this sort of strike against the show they have referred to as a death star and a nuclear bomb in that time slot.

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