Sunday, January 28, 2007


So What Makes Women Happy?

"Once I made a list of things that I liked and things that really bothered me and PRINTED IT OUT FOR HIM, things have been 100% better."

Miss Tori pointed this out to me because once in a while I've complained about how men are portrayed as drooling imbeciles and women are portrayed as long-suffering geniuses in much of modern media today. She felt like this comment on a message board was a perfect example of this sort of anti-male attitude common in modern society. Many other comments on the message board were of the "Yeah, men sure are dumb" variety. Perhaps there was even a reference to going to Jupiter to get more stupider in there somewhere, I didn't read all the comments. However, the actual quote at the top of this post didn't offend me as Miss Tori imagined.

My response? "Sounds like a pretty good idea." I went on to suggest that most guys, if they were being truly honest, would admit that a written list of, let's say, the top five likes and top five dislikes, would be very much appreciated. Tape it to the mirror and you could look it over every morning when you shave, and everything would be champagne kisses and caviar dreams.

Miss Tori was shocked. She thinks that it makes guys sound so dumb. We actually need a list that tells us how we should behave? Isn't that insulting?

My thought? Trying and often failing to "get" assorted hints and clues isn't making guys feel like Einsteins, and something plain-spoken and straightforward like a list would be welcomed.

Even Ben Franklin knew that a list of virtues was necessary. He came up with thirteen, and developed a plan to master the first item on the list for one week before adding the next item, requiring mastery of both before adding the third, and so on. And Franklin was no imbecile.

So give me a list, and include me among the geniuses of history, forever to be known as the guy who pleased a woman outside of bed, as well as in it. Or am I just being dumb?

Guys? Ladies? Any input on the idea of a list?


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