Thursday, December 14, 2006


We Regret To Inform You That We Have No Record Of Your Existence

Every once in a while, the powers that be decide that it would be in your interests to take one class or another. I took one this past summer. It was pretty much a waste, but it gave me time to ponder things.

I should mention that my boss ordered me to fill out an application form for this class back in April. I gave it to her so she could submit it to the district, which was enrolling people in this class. When I arrived at the class in June, I was informed that the district had not actually signed me up. Fortunately the county people are a little more competent, and I was able to add the class right there. It was then that a colleague and I noticed that we weren't even supposed to be taking this class at that site, but at another location. Naturally, I wasn't notified, since the district hadn't even signed me up. However, my coworker, who was signed up, also wasn't notified. We got it straightened out with the help of the county people, and did our two weeks. The mix-up, you're thinking, was probably a fluke.

Except for the new email I got from my boss, asking what progress I was making in pursuing this class, because as far as she or the district could tell, there was no information about it. My aforementioned co-worker got the same email. So did twenty or thirty others, some of whom I know have completed all of the courses and submitted all of their paperwork. These are the sorts of people in charge of the education of your children.

Next time: What if you gave a graduation, and nobody came?
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