Friday, November 17, 2006


Have You Taken A Look At The New 4-Door Jeep?

Well, I guess we could stand a bit of an update on the situation, but first, I guess I'd better try to figure out what new 4-door Jeep we're talking about here. Looking around the page, I think it might be this one. It's the only name I didn't recognize, and it seems to be somewhat reasonable. Thing is, my desire for some sort of Hummer is not reasonable. I don't need it, I want it. I don't do any sort of driving that the Kia Putt-Putt couldn't handle. I guess it's pretty much just conspicuous consumption. That might be sinful, but what's a little conspicuous consumption among friends?

We've managed to change directions though, because I'm a little dense sometimes. Our garage has a big door on the 2-car side, and the small door on the 1-car side. Currently, we jam out two cars into the big side, and jam all our junk we haven't found a place for or thrown away yet into the 1-car side. My estimates of available space were based on both cars parking on the big side, and I had concluded that the Hummer was just a pipe dream. However, because Miss Tori is not dense, she reminded me that I could always move all the junk out of the 1-car side, park a small car in the 1-car side, and still have room on the big side for the junk, and a Hummer. Did I mention she rules? So that's what we're going to do.

Thing is, neither of our cars qualifies as a small car that will fit comfortably in the 1-car side. That means that when we get rid of my current car, we'll have to go for the small car, and when we get around to replacing Miss Tori's car, then we can get the Hummer.

After an extremely irritating attempt to visit a local auto mall to check out all sorts of different cars, we've kind of become turtles, pulling in our heads and looking only online. How irritating? Well, if Miss Tori has a flaw, it's that she's too nice. I'm very good at cold-shouldering people. I just won't respond to them. Miss Tori often can't help but engage in conversation. I give you this setup so you can appreciate how shocked I was when she yelled at the Mazda guy. Even my cold-shouldering wasn't working, and I was ready to leave, but she hammered the guy. It really was ridiculous. He could tell we were in a bad mood, and he was so thick that he actually asked, as we almost ran to get away from him, if we were in a bad mood because car salesmen had chased us around all day and wouldn't leave us alone. I simply told him that he was the first one. Then Miss Tori went all Galvatron on him. She transformed and fired at will, possibly including some light profanity. We finally got back to the car, and even she couldn't believe what she had done.

You want to know the last thing the guy said to us? "It's been a pleasure talking with you."

So we're mainly looking online. We're looking for a car with a width of 70" or less, and it would be nice if mileage was 25/35 or better. Is that a retarded way to look for a car, based on how well it will fit in the garage? Oh yeah, we might make a cross-country road trip in the srping, so factor that in, if you dare!

Thanks Bill, for the Jeep tip. I do like it, but the big car purchase is now a ways off. Any thoughts on the new parameters?
Actually, I was referring to the new 4-door Wrangler. Otherwise, I feel your pain about car shopping. Last car we purchased was a Saturn Vue. A perfectly fine car and I was extremely pleased with their no hassle sales department. The wife will be getting a 4-door wrangler from a local jeep dealer that has a no haggle policy -- every car is $200 over invoice, or something like that.
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