Saturday, September 02, 2006


Week Two: Holding Steady

Not much changed this week. I emailed the principal to let him know a few things that needed attention. He thanked me the next day in the office. He said he didn't email me back since he knew my classroom is not on the internet like all but six other classes at school. That's ok though, since my class isn't hooked up to the intercom either. Well, they can still make their announcements at me through the box on the wall, I just can't call anyone if some kid starts having a seizure.

They're still going to require ID's on lanyards for the kids. How will they require it? I guess they realized asking teachers to offer extra credit wasn't going to cut it, so they've started working on a plan. It's progress.

They also have a tardy plan that they claimed they would implement by Friday. None of the teachers know what it is. I'm stuck giving out detentions on Thursday afternoons.

Tuesday is the Teacher Input Committee. Looks like we'll actually be having it this year. We get in a circle and complain to the principal about all the things he's doing wrong, and tell him how perfect things would be if he would just listen to us.
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