Sunday, September 24, 2006


We Finally Got A Piece Of The Pie

The hermitage finally sold. Good old Floppington Manor is no more. While that's sad, it also means we're out of Miss Tori's apartment and off to our new home. Moving will be going on all this week and weekend. Most things are going ok.

Unfortunately, Queenie does not take well to moving. She does not take well to being picked up. We pretty much have no choice but to get one of those humane traps, lock her in a room with it, and wait til she takes the bait. Of course it would suck for Queenie to get stuck in the trap five minutes after we leave for work and be there for eight or nine hours yowling like crazy, so we'll probably disable it before we leave in the morning. On the way home tomorrow, we'll stop by the vet's and see if we can get something to drug her food. Pretty lame.

On a lighter note, can anyone explain why we drive on the right here in the US, or why they don't in England. It seems like there must be some reason why the UK developed the drive on the left system. They didn't just flip a coin, did they? However they decided, what made us think it was better to change it?
start with wiki.
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