Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Rockstar: This Is The End

Well, we're down to the big night, and we've got some exciting things happening. People will be singing in some sort of order, and then people call in to vote. This is the part where I set up the post ahead of time, because I have to get to bed early for once. According to Philip (see webisode info link below), each of the remaininf four will sing their same original again, plus any one of the cover songs that have been performed this season, or were cleared, but not performed. I especially liked Philip's critique of Dilana and her musical knowledge. Apparently Dilana didn't recognize the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb. Philip's reaction:
Does Dilana know any songs? Seriously! She doesn’t know Pink Floyd or The Who. What is up with her?

My reaction to that:
We have a name for people like that, and that name is Nell.

Oops. Sorry about that. Miss Tori says I'm too mean to these people, especially dear, departed Storm. Let me take a moment to say that these people are all way more talented than I am, and they should all be proud of all they have accomplished. I'm sure I'll never make national TV, unless I die in some freakishly weird accident. It would have to be pretty dang freaky, though. I mean, if people getting killed by chunks of ice falling from skyscrapers doesn't make the news, what chance have I got?

I don't know that I'll have much to say about the originals that I didn't already say last week, so let's hope we get some good performances on the covers. I'll fill in the rest, including a few more links, after the show.

Toby - Karma Police. I didn't really know this song, so it was new to me. I didn't especially love it or hate it. Some songs you hear for the first time and you love them. Some songs, you need to hear a lot on the radio, or you need to like the band enough to give it several listens and maybe you'll like it. This song would be the latter type.

Overall performance - I enjoyed the original more than the cover, but still felt fun and energy coming from Toby.

Lukas - Fix You. I didn't know this one either. Eh. Not as good as Toby's cover that I didn't recognize, but then again, I couldn't tell if either guy blew it.

Overall performance - With the reworking of Headspin, I felt more versatility from Lukas. I was dreading hearing the originals again (and a third time for Toby and Lukas!). I would have much preferred another original from each of the remaining four. However, like he showed with the Bon Jovi reworking last week, Lukas showed real talent as a musician. For musicianship, I believe he has it over Toby, while Toby is just more fun for me. Lukas is Philip Roth to Toby's Stephen King; while there's something to be said for both, I have a feeling most people would much rather attend a Steven King concert. Miss Tori? She says she has a new botfriend now.

Dilana - Roxanne. Finally, a song I recognize. Unfortunately, it's also a song I don't really like. She's certainly no Lukas when it comes to rearranging things, but I think I still liked it more than the original version by the Police.

Overall performance - I still like Supersoul, but as a performer, I still don't feel as much of a connection to her as I do with Lukas or Toby. Enjoyed it? Yes. As good a time as Toby? No. She's not the most musically talented (Lukas), nor the most entertaining (Toby). Call Dilana third for now.

Magni - Hush. I certainly recognize this song, but while it's very recognizable, it's not among the best music rock has to offer. It's a serviceable song, sung by a serviceable singer. In other words, it has Magni written all over it.

Overall performance - I don't say that as a knock on Magni. I like the hell out of the guy, he just doesn't deliver. There is some spark of charisma, or star quality, or chemistry that is missing from Magni. He's like the movie you wait for on cable, rather than renting it or seeing it in the theater. I'd never buy his album, but if someone gave it to me, I would probably listen to it. He doesn't bump any of the other three.

Well. The order of performance on the show is also the order I would rank them in: Toby, then Lukas, then Dilana, then Magni. The early voting calls it Dilana, then Toby, then Lukas, then Magni. Is Magni going home? If so, then you callers made the right call. Literally.

Here are some cool guys to read:
Alan at What's Alan Watching,
Bill at So Quoted, who may have given up on Rockstar, but has lots of other good stuff,
and Philip at Life in Memphis, who gets the cool webisode info and gives it to you so you're ready when the show actually begins. Check back with him tomorrow for his recap.
I haven't completely given up, but if I don't see some love for UTFO I can pretty much guarantee I'll ignore Rock Star for the next 8-9 months in protest.
Can it get any more humiliating than me asking what UTFO is?
According to wiki, they're the first breakdancers to appear on the Phil Donahue show. Otherwise, they're early 80s rappers known primarily for "Roxanne, Roxanne."
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