Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Rockstar Elimination: From Five Down To Four

So I had a whole long post devoted to this that got dumped by my retarded browser. This is why I'm going to hell, because if I had my kill button, and there was some person responsible, he would be dead now. I am so ticked.

Magni sang with the band. It was an ok song. Didn't mind it.

Toby got the encore, and some Honda car as well. Didn't mind that either, since I picked his as my favorite original song from last night.

The we had the bopttom three facing elimination:

Storm - Wish You Were Here. Where was this performance all these weeks? I liked it a lot. She didn't look like she was humping anything. And was Jason crying over there? I wasn't sure, but Miss Tori thinks so. We wondered if they had decided to dump her already, he was the one that convinced them to dump her, and he was feeling some remorse when she gave that great performance. Either that, or he really likes Pink Floyd.

Dilana - I Want You To Want Me. Ok, remember when that cheesy FM deejay would come on and say something like "Now at station WXYXZ we're going to ROCK (insert your town here) with Air Supply!" Remember how it was always some half pop lame band that they were always telling you was going to rock you? That was sort of how I felt when Dilana said she wanted to do a punk song, and that song was "I Want You To Want Me."

Really? I'm no master of musical genres, but really? "I Want You To Want Me" is punk rock? I could be wrong, and I'm sure someone will call me on it if I am, but she lost all credibility with me when she said that. What's next? Is she going to sing that beautiful ballad by KISS? You know the one. I think it's called "Heaven's On Fire."

Seriously, when I heard punk rock, I was looking for a song like The Handshake, or I Wanna Be Sedated, or, for pity's sake, could we get an Anarchy In The UK maybe?

And if you can find a video of the Rezillos doing Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, you're a better man than I am Charlie Brown. In fact, that's what I was looking for when I got disconnected. Turns out I got my head kicked in tonight. On my second wind I did find lyrics here, and a short audio clip here. Turns out, it seems originally to have been a Fleetwood Mac song. Who knew?

Back to Dilana, maybe she peaked too early. Every time I see her I think how much better she used to be. She took a fall and never recovered.

Lukas - Headspin. At first, I couldn't believe he would sing the same song from the night before, when he has so much to choose from, but maybe he made the right call. The song grew on me, I liked it more than last night, and I'd probably like it even more if I heard it again. And Miss Tori? Forget about it. She's zonked on the guy. He's her favorite, and as I've said before, when she speaks, I listen.

I judge the bottom three as Storm, then Lukas, then Dilana. Based only on tonight's show, I would send Dilana home. Based on the whole series, the band made the right call, and Storm did need to be sent home.

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