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Woohoo! Storm Large And The Rest Of The Rockstar Kids!

I had to miss it last week, so I'm extra excited about this week. I can't wait to see Storm and all the rest cause some of them kick butt.

And make sure you check out Philip's recap.

Actual Update: Once again, I really enjoyed the show. Storm and Dilana (sp?) were my two favorites over the last few shows, and one of the ones I didn't really care for was skunk boy Lukas. However, I must admit that for me he was the best in show tonight. I still don't know all their names, and I don't keep a scorecard, so make sure you see Philip for a detailed rundown.

Having said all that, let me add a general note about Rockstar. First, I did not watch it last season with INXS, so this observation may not hold up. For me, Rockstar is way better than American Idol. Even some of the worst Rockstar performances are better for me than some of the best American Idol performances. The reason is that I like pretty much every single song on Rockstar better than almost every single song on American Idol. I watch American Idol for Randy, Paula, and Simon. I watch Rockstar for the music.

I don't know how songs are chosen on American Idol. Sure, on the Barry Manilow show, they all had to pick one of his songs, or they had to pick songs from the 1960's, or whatever. On Rockstar, if there are ten performers, they are given ten songs, and they each have to pick one from the list. Sometimes, arguments ensue. Still, someone is choosing those ten songs. Is it the Supernova guys? I don't know. What I do know is that they choose generally great songs. I must also say I was really surprised that they were able to get a Lennon song. Did they even have Lennon or the Beatles on AI? Did AI have the Stones or the Who? Rockstar has the better music, hands down.

Do the Rockstar people go on a tour, like the American Idol finalists? While I would never go to the AI tour, I would definitely try to see a Rockstar tour. Have each person do his "good" songs. For some of them, that might be four or five or eight songs, and for others, it might be just one or two songs. Have the Supernova guys put together a setlist based on the songs they enjoyed the most. Heck, five of them doing five songs each would probably be a 90 minute concert right there; get all of the contestants out there with their "good" songs, and you might have a 3+ hour show. That would totally kick ass! Shoot, you could have them open for Supernova when they go out on tour.

And if they do that, I want a finder's fee or something.
Thanks for the shout out.

Yeah, AI sucks. I watched the first episode of the first season and haven't gone back. They just get no talent ass clowns for that show. Rockstar gets actual unsigned artists. Most of the rockers on the show front a band (Magni has the biggest rock band in Iceland and Storm has a band from Portland, OR).

As far as where the songs come from, these are mostly the same songs as last year with a few new ones.

Another difference between last year and this year is they used to have another episode that showed what happened between shows. That's been moved to the website.
For some comparison, check out the Marty Casey [youtube] performances from last year.

I think he was the better singer, but JD was probably better for INXS. Compare Marty's "Creep" to Lukas. Lukas is weak.

As far as the songs, I remember an article from last season that said once musicians realized this wasn't AI and the songs were taken seriously, it became much easier to obtain the rights.
Thanks for the link. I do agree that Marty was a lot better than Lukas. Lukas has always just struck me wrong. I don't know if it's the hair or what, but I just was never getting into him. On this performance I liked him a lot better. Maybe it's just the song, which I really enjoy, that made Lukas seem better this week.

Thanks also for the extra info about song rights.
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