Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Rockstar Once Again

I should say that I enjoy hearing "new" songs, not just the same songs over and over, so I wasn't expecting much with a bunch of rerun songs. I ended up enjoying this episode a little more than I thought I would. Quick reactions this time because I'm borrowing Miss Tori's computer; mine's all German again. From the top:

Lukas - "Lithium": The Supernova guys seem to love to lick his butt. I always like the songs he is doing better than I like him doing them. The material is lessened by being associated with him.

Magni - "I Alone": Very skilled and competent, but not necessarily a star. I enjoyed his putdowns og the other guys more than his song. Maybe he could be a standup comic. Oh yeah, also, thank goodness that flying piece of glass didn't hit that throbbing vein, or he would have bled out right there poolside.

And since we're in the vicinity of the whole Dilana thing from last week, what was up with Ryan being all self-righteous about how he goes to bed every night telling himself not to talk bad about people, and there he is talking about how some people just can't handle stardom and attention. Hello? Isn't that talking bad about someone? And behind her back, no less. Dilana at least said her stuff to reporters, and knew the others would hear it. For all Ryan knew, his little putdown of her might never have made it on air, and she never would have known what a two-faced hypocrite he is. Screw you Ryan.

Ryan - "Clocks": My first thought was, since Tommy said he wished Magni had run to the back of the crowd, would Ryan run to the back of the crowd? Sounded ok I guess. A pox on whoever said he looked like David Blaine, cause now I can't get that out of my head. It's like that lit professor who said that every Emily poem can be read to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas. Oh, and screw you Ryan, still.

Storm - "Bring Me to Life": Just when I was wondering if I might be liking her again, she had to do her little squat/dry-hump the stage maneuver. Again. We get it. You're a slut. You may have fooled me with the arty nudes at the beginning, but really, now. In poker they talk about "tells," little tics or giveaways that you often aren't even aware of, that give away something you don't really want to say or have other people know. I'm starting to think that the hump maneuver is Storm's tell. She's a slutty humper, Slutty McHumperdink, and try as she might, she just can't hide it. I'm definitely off her slutty, slutty bandwagon.

Toby - "Rebel Yell": Black nail polish is weak. Aside from that, Toby is slowly winning me over. For me, he's making an upward push while some of the others are standing still or even going down. Like that slutty, slutty Storm. She's going down like crazy. And she's not doing very good on the show either! Toby's got the groupies, he's got the hot chicks up on stage, he blasted that megaphone siren on "Burning Down The House," I'm practically sold. But then you have . . .

Dilana - "Mother, Mother": She's back. She reminded me why I like her so much. Miss Tori said "Even on a song I hate she was so good!" Need I say more?

Bottom three: Storm, Ryan, Lukas. I would definitely be happy with that bottom three tomorrow night. My top three would be Dilana, Toby gaining ground and improving, Magni third but steady and dependable. I just hope he can say the same about that vein. I mean, seriously. Has he seen a doctor? Is it even safe for him to keep singing like that? Howie Mandel did give up the whole pull a latex glove down over his head and blow it up with his nose schtick. Take Howie's word for it, it's not worth risking your health, Magni.

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What the? I'm last? How weak am I? Dang!
Great point about Lukas. I just hate how he gargles his way through the songs. It just annoys me.
Funny comment about Ryan running to the back of the audience after Tommy The Unit Lee made the comment to Magni.
Personally I like how Storm moves on stage. Yeah, she's sexual and won't hide it. Big whoop. But if you are going to call her on it, make her nickname "Slutty McHumperdick" instead.

Final thoughts: I like Storm and I'd probably go see her if she came to town. But I'd LOVE to see a Magni and Toby final two. That would be the best option, in my opinion.
Argghhh!!! Slutty McHumper-dick! I knew I was missing something there.
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