Saturday, August 05, 2006


And You Wonder Why Schools Fail?

Way back on July 12, I learned I would have a new schedule for this year, including one class I hadn't taught before. I griped about it here.

I noted that I had hear from neither of the two people who are obligated to give notification of schedule changes. That was on the 19th of July. I wondered how long it would take for them to make their notifications. I was especially curious since school starts on August 21. When I look at my calendar, I count up forty days between the day the decision was made, and the day school begins.

Of course, the week of July 12, a Wednesday, probably wasn't feasible for notification. I mean, by Wednesday, the week was half gone. Who could get anything done? The week after that? July 17-21? Well, things get busy. They were probably distracted by last minute things they had to get done before going on vacation for the week of July 24-28. Last week? July 31-August 4? Heck everyone knows that nowadays, you practically need a vacation to recover from your vacation.


My calendar tells me that twenty-five out of forty days on which they could have notified me have passed. My calendar tells me that there are fifteen possible days left for them to notify me. Every day that passes is another day I wouldn't have to prepare for a class I've never taught. This is the leadership of your average inner-city public school.

Now go back and read the title.
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