Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Speaking of Israel (and Kim Priestap)

Thanks to Kim Priestap posting over at Wizbang, we find Carl In Jerusalem. He's got front row seats on what's going on over there, better and faster than we get it over here, most likely. Check it out, and just keep scrolling. Thanks Carl, and stay safe over there.

Kim Priestap has been a contributor at Wizbang since late February, and I just realized I don't know if Kim is a man or a woman. It only matters to my choice of pronoun. Whatever the sex, Kim provides some great posting. I've been a fan of Wizbang for quite a while, and I'm not saying Kim is better than Kevin or Jay Tea or Paul or any of the other contributors. What I am saying is that Kim brings to Wizbang something that was missing, that I didn't even know was missing, and I really appreciate it. Here's a link to Kim's extensive, wildfire-like posting archive. Multiple daily posts, it's a reader's delight. Thanks Kim!
Thank you so much, Lord Floppington, for your kind words. I'm very pleased you like my blogging. And for the record, I'm a she.

Have a great one~
I have no idea how you ended up here, two months later, but thanks for stopping by! And for the sex info!
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