Monday, July 03, 2006


Oh How The Mighty Have . . . Well, Rob Schneider Was Never That Mighty, Was He?

Thanks to Treacher posting over at Blowing Smoke, I learned that while I was away, Rob Schneider collapsed on the set because of food poisoning combined with temperatures in the low 100's. Or whatever. I wasn't there. Thing is, they took him to San Joaquin General Hospital. Yeah, they left out the word county. It's the county hospital. The county hospital that serves Stockton. Stockton, you may or may not know, is in a constant battle with Fresno for the title of most ghetto city in California's central valley. Which makes San Joaquin General (which is the hospital of choice for every uninsured malingerer who wants to loaf on the government's dime, not to mention all the illegal immigrants) a top contender for the most ghetto hospital in California's central valley. And they took a movie star there, rather than either of the two private hospitals in Stockton? Granted, it's Rob Schneider, but still.
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