Monday, July 10, 2006


Mug Shots (With Duchess Update)

The Duchess still isn't cooperating, but we did manage some pics, as promised, of Lord Floppington, Princess Candy, and Queenie, doing their best evil impressions. Or mutant, laser-eyed, cat impressions. Whichever. Cameras are funny.

Don't make me angry. (Or: Fascinating, Captain.)

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. (Can you get a feel for how big he is? And not that he's fat. Plenty of cats are fat. His overall frame is just large. He's like the clydesdale of cats.)

And if you even think about messing with my catnip mouse, I'll blast you into unholy oblivion.

Here's Queenie, former top cat here at Miss Tori's, now relegated to second fiddle, thanks to LF. Obviously, she prefers James Bond movies.

Last, but certainly not least, the elusive Princess Candy. She might have been jealous. She's also quite the little beggar for table scraps, and she's not that interested in waiting til we're done, either.

Actual update: Well the Duchess doesn't like being left out after all, but now that she's cooperating, Blogger isn't. Don't worry, the pic's in the can. It'll be here soon. I know you kitty fans out there are waiting. Just a little longer.

Thanks to Herr Professor, this might, actually, finally, work.

Look at me! Except for black cats, cats like me are the second most evil cats in movies. We're the evil cats they use when they don't want to do the obvious evil cat cliche of using a black cat. Our evil lurks in the background, in the shadows, unseen. Mwuh ha ha haaaaa!!!!!
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