Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Israel And India Could Use Some Support

After the bombings in India, and the continuing string of attacks against Israel that could shortly culminate in a declaration of war and fully justified retaliation, both countries could use some moral support. Powerline points to a reader from NYC who sent this email:

I am trying to organize an online campaign to let the Israeli government and people know that Americans support them in their long struggle against Islamic terrorism and the aggression launched from Lebanese soil by groups controlled by Iran and Syria. Their fight is also our fight. Because the Israelis get so much negative feedback from the MSM, EU and UN, now would be a good time to remind them that they still have loyal friends. To that end, I would appreciate it if bloggers could spread the word that, besides speaking out on the blogs (which is great), that readers should call or write the Israeli embassy as a show of support. To those who prefer to help in other ways, the contact information for the Jewish Agency for Israel, along with that for the embassy, is also below.


Shivan Mahendrarajah

If you'd like to send some kind words to the Indian Embassy, go here.

Support for Israel can be directed to the Israeli Embassy here, or to the Jewish Agency for Israel here.

Israel is I guess the only country that faces a greater danger of annihilation from the terrorists than we do. If you aren't pulling for them, you might as well be putting a loaded gun to your head.
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