Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Catch A Rising Star, Reno, Nevada

So did I mention that Miss Tori and I finally got hitched? Well, maybe finally isn't the right word, since the official proposal type thing happened just a couple of months ago at the beginning of April. I'm sure some of you are asking how we could arrange a June wedding in only two months. The answer is two words: Re-no. I will grant you that there was a little guilt on my part, and for Miss Tori as well, about doing things this way. We happen to have some Martha Stewart type mother figures involved, coworkers who are frequently mother-henny, and the two of us, who seem to be the only people who don't want to be in the spotlight that everyone else wants to shine on us as the cute lovebirds. So while there was some guilt, practically the only thing we could talk about on the way to and from the chapel was how much work and what a pain a traditional church wedding with 25 (or 50, or 100?) people would have been. We do not regret running away to Reno to have a nice quiet wedding by ourselves.

We stayed at the Silver Legacy, which had one of the two problems I seem to find at every hotel. That problem is the non-fitted sheet. But I couldn't care less about that, since they solved the other problem, the munchkin level shower head. Yes, my little angels, if you want a shower head that is more then four feet above the floor of the shower, stay at the Silver legacy. I'm not saying it was all the way over my head, that sort of Shagri-La probably doesn't exist on this planet, but the top of the nozzle was at about the level of my eyebrows, which is higher than any shower head I've had, hotel or not, since I was about 12 or so. It was so nice, I might just start calling it the Shower Legacy.

We mostly ate at buffets, but we had a hard time eating at the Shower legacy's Victorian Buffet. You see, lunch goes from 11:30AM to close. Which basically means whenever they feel like not doing lunch anymore. So when we got there at about 1:15PM, it was already closed. I think we ate at the Circus Circus buffet that time. It was so-so. Then we were late for dinner. Well, if you consider 9:15 to be late for dinner in a casino. I sure didn't, but sure enough, they were closed, again. We ended up eating at some place called I think Tivoli something, I think on the other side over in the Eldorado. It was pretty good. That was just the first day, and the next couple of days we made it to the Victorian Buffet just fine. It was all right, but after a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner there, I didn't really feel the need to repeat any of those meals. Of course, we weren't there for one of the special seafood nights.

We aren't so much into the gambling, so we didn't do that much, but we did drive around the city and saw a comedy show Wednesday night at the Shower Legacy. A cute young thing named Kristi McHugh opened for about twenty-five minutes or so, with Tom McGillen's headlining show lasting close to 45 minutes. It was clear why one was opening and the other was headlining. Kristi had an ok set. She was like Ellen, in that she wasn't all about the woman's issues sub-genre of comedy. She did have some of that, I'm just saying she wasn't some one trick pony. She missed a chance at one point, but that was all that stood out, with most of her stuff being fairly well-developed. Watching Tom perform, it was obvious that he is a professional comic.

You say you've never heard of Tom McGillen? You know what? You haven't heard of most good comics. Look at it this way. Is there any comic you can name, who hasn't had a TV show or cable special? Maybe you can if you're a regular Letterman or Leno viewer, and you catch a comic who has been on several times. Most likely, you can't. Does that mean Seinfeld, Ellen, Roseanne, George Lopez, Tim Allen, Dave Chappelle, and Carlos Mencia are the only good comics this country has ever produced? No. Comedy is a craft, and the difference between a master craftsman comic and a star comedian is more likely to be due to other things besides the quality of the material. There are plenty of comics making a very nice living who are not famous and who you've never heard of.

Tom McGillen is a master craftsman type comic. His routine is very well-developed, and very funny. He works an audience well, and the show ended with a standing ovation and high fives to the front row as he made his way off the stage. Plus, he totally ripped on this dingbat girl who didn't know what D-Day was. Hella sweet. You've probably never heard of Tom because he's busy doing corporate gigs; before last week, his last show before a public audience was April 22. But you can buy his DVD here. Whoops! I guess you can't buy it there after all. Maybe he'll get it on the website soon. Until then, you'll just have to catch him at a show, where he sells and signs DVD's after each performance.

What the hell, while I'm at it, take a look a Kristi's Myspace here, where you can see what a hottie she is, and unless she's messing with you, that she makes over $250,000 a year.
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