Sunday, July 16, 2006


Buncha Savages In This Town

There was a message on the machine last night from Public Storage. It is urgent that I call. This morning when I call, the person who called me left a note in my file. Something about a fence being cut through, and my unit broken into. My unit is an interior unit. You have to go inside the building to get to the door for it. My unit is also in the middle of a long hallway. Wouldn't you think if some random crook was going to hit a unit, he'd either hit an outside unit, not an interior one, or, if he does hit an interior unit, hit one of the ones closest to the exterior door he just came into? More later. I swear, this town is so ghetto.
Interesting. I moved my inventory from a unit 2 months ago, had a conversation with the manager telling him I was moving from G-36.

He said place the gate key in the slot and I would get my deposit back.

This on June 1st. Yesterday I receive a notice I am two months late on rent.

Duh! Go figure. Like Mr. Pacino said, "I thought I was out, and they pulled me back in."
Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I will take extra efforts to make sure that doesn't happen to me when I finally get out of there.

At the one I use, we don't have gate keys, it's just a keypad where you punch in your code. One of the documents he printed out for the police and insurance reports was a list of everyone who had used the keypad that day. I suppose I should have known, but it never occurred to me that they might have that information.
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