Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Buncha Savages In This Town (Part 2)

So as an update to the break-in of my unit at Public Storage, I suppose I can say it's no biggie. A few things were taken, likely not more than $400 worth of stuff. However.

They didn't come through the keypad gate, or go over the fence. They came through another gate. Another driveway. This gate has a chain and padlock holding it shut, and they cut through that. Then they came in the nearest door to that gate. Then they passed approximately 18 storage units before getting to mine. I should say now that Public Storage allows you to buy one of three locks; let's call them weak, medium, and strong. I picked a medium, which was about seven dollars cheaper than the strong lock. I mean the place has a big fence with the gates and you have to punch the code and all that. I honestly didn't think it was possible for anyone to break in. Silly me. But back to the story:

The first two units inside the door? Weak locks. The next 16 units? The strong locks. Then my medium lock. I may have mentioned that my unit is just about in the middle of the hall from the exit doors at either end. From the far door? They'd have to pass five weak locks out of twelve units before getting to my unit. Now you may be asking how many other units were hit in this crime spree. Answer: zero. What, do I have a stalker or something?

The one thing that mitigates against being deliberately singled out is that I don't think there was ever a time while we were loading stuff into the unit when anyone else was there to see what we were putting in. In other words, no one knew what was in there. For all they knew, I could have cleaned the place out the week before and it was empty.

Lucky for me, the police are on the case. Well, no. I got a form to list everything that was stolen. I have to mail it to them later. And I got a case number that I can give to the insurance guy. And that's pretty much it. I'd be more than willing to settle for that if they were too busy pursuing a shoot-to-kill policy on all taggers.

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