Monday, June 12, 2006


When Shall I Return? Today!

So why couldn't I write about the That 70's Show finale (one of the better sitcoms overall, but a so-so ending)?

Why couldn't I write about Americal Idol, and how Taylor has some weird quality that you can't look away from? How, since I normally watch the show for the judges' put-downs, I was surprised that I actually tuned in to see Taylor perform? How I would actually consider buying his CD?

Why couldn't I write about 24, and what on earth they might do with the China situation?

I've been moving. I can't believe it either, but slowly, things have come together at the hermitage, and it actually looks semi not crappy when you get all my crap out of it. My current status is living with Miss Tori while we look for a new place together. Of course, we're talking California real estate, so who knows what will happen next?

Oh and the incumbent Pombo vs challenger McCloskey? Pombo won just fine and will stand for re-election in the fall. Honestly? There's no way I would ever vote for McCloskey once I learned that the unions were supporting him. That immediately says to me "We're the unions, and we want to get rid of the incumbent so we can tear McCloskey down as an anti-semite during the general election and get a Democrat into this traditionally Republican seat." I hope this wasn't one of the seats they were counting on changing hands. Sorry Dems, better luck next time, haw haw haw!
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