Friday, May 26, 2006



Well there are always lots of fun things to do on the internet. One popular activity is the caption contest. Someone puts up a pic, and you make a caption in the comments. From my experience, the granddaddy of caption contests, the cream of the crop, the one with the best captions from the best commenters, is the Weekend Caption Contest, posted every Friday at Wizbang! The captions there are usually so good that I don't even bother trying. Once in a while, I might get a hit of inspiration and enter one, and there was even once when I was disappointed that I hadn't even made the honorable mentions.

Finally, my day has come. Only third place, but against these commenters, what can I say? I guess now I can understand what they mean when they say it's an honor to be nominated. The photo and winning entries are here. Thanks Kevin!
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