Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Everybody Complains About Illegal Immigration . . .

. . . but nobody does anything about it. Or do they? Found a website today that gives report cards to each member of the House and Senate, grading them on various immigration issues. Some of these you always hear about, and some others hadn't occurred to me.

See how your representative and senators have done on issues such as chain migration, the visa lottery, unnecessary foreign worker visas, refugee and asylum fraud, illegal alien anchor baby citizenship, amnesties for illegal aliens, border controls, interior enforcement and reducing other rewards for illegal immigration.

Click Immigration Report Cards to get the national map, click your state to get a list of senators and representatives, click on a name to get his report card. Grades range from A+ to F-, and a "No Action" (sort of an incomplete) can also be given.

You can find all of this great stuff from Americans for Better Immigration. It's just another way for us to hold our leaders accountable. If illegal immigration concerns you, take some time to check this out.
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