Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Roll Up For The Mystery Tour, Part Two

Catch the beginning of the Mystery Tour here.

So Kid S has agreed to chauffeur us around town, and we go to the old town area and start wandering around, looking for a place to eat. There is a lot of Spanish history here, and we finally decide to eat at a place that was some sort of fortified mansiony type home. It's a Spanish style, outer walls and an inner courtyard. It's a big place called the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant. I kept calling it the Conquistador, but as a warning to you, I figured you deserve the real name.

The place is beautiful. You can choose to eat indoors, or out in the courtyard. We chose outside where there was plenty of room to accommodate many people. We were seated next to a fountain. There were plants around, colorful tile, it was a treat to look at, everywhere you looked. And then the beauty ended. Service was slow. I had a carne asada burrito, which was not that great. Refried beans were mostly tasteless. Miss Tori and Kid S were equally unimpressed.

This place made a big deal of how organic and eco friendly they were. I’d rather they make a big deal about getting their food to taste good. Then again, I did get to see what an eco friendly men’s room looks like. Not only is the toilet low-flush, the urinal is actually water free. You heard me. Water. Free. Miss Tori points out that I have a habit of mocking things I do not understand (she knows me well), so please feel free to set me straight on the ins and outs of the waterless urinal.

We got out of there, and Kid S apologized for the unfortunate meal, but we were all in on choosing the place. Discussion in the car was about what to do the next day, when Kid S had no class. The choice was made for Sea World. Next time I'll tell you how Sea World infuriated me before I even got into the park, and how I was prevented from ruining the entire day out of spite, thanks to our friends from the briny deep, the noble sea lions.
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