Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Don't Speak Lightly Of The Ring

Miss Tori and I are reaching that inevitable point at which relationships that don't end, end up at. Which brings up the question of the ring size. I managed to work it into conversation a couple of weeks ago, you know, just for future reference. Nice and casual. Yeah, right. Turns out there's nothing casual about that. It was just a minor tremor, but I learned my lesson.

So when she called today, to mention she had found out her actual ring size (her previous guess was rather off), I made certain not to exclaim something like, "Thank goodness you told me before Friday!" Somehow, I don't think she would be amused.
Too late for you to use this, but this when you co-opt one of her girlfriends to go shopping with her and innocently end up trying on jewelry.
Dang I knew I was missing something! But wouldn't the girlfriend spill the beans? Or is this the rare occasion in which a woman is actually able to stop talking?

Oh boy, that can't be a good thing to say.
It's a gamble, gotta pick the right friend. But it's no less risky than trying to bring it up yourself.
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