Sunday, January 15, 2006


Not Exactly Team Magnum

Has it been that long? Dang.

Here's the thing. Miss Lola has come a long way. At one point, she was asking Miss Tori relationship stuff. Typical girly things, I suppose. How do you know if he likes you? When are you officially considered boyfriend-girlfriend? Stuff like that. Until Miss Lola met Big D. And three months later, she's moved in with him.

I mean, what the hell? Talk about out of the blue. Not only that, Big D is someone a few friends have been trying to set Miss Lola up with for a while now. Are they super genuises? Only time will tell.

I like Big D. I can't hold a conversation to save my life, so it's not like he and I are regular pals or anything, but he's a cool guy. Miss Lola seems pretty happy. I hope it works out for them.

Did I mention that Miss Lola was someone Princess Wolfie suggested I ask out? Or that Princess Wolfie has some sort of guy friend. Woo woo! Then you're all caught up.

The problem is that now, Miss Lola, instead of looking for advice, has sort of passed us up. Miss Tori and I aren't even living together yet. Miss Lola is making me look bad. They've even had some discussions of dates! I believe Spring 2007 might be a possibility. One of these days, Mitt Tori is going to be asking me when we're moving in together. And if she starts mentioning Miss Lola's wedding plans all the time, I'll know I'm screwed.
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