Monday, January 02, 2006


Cause I'm T.N.T! Dyna-mite!

This young woman makes me proud of our country and hopeful about our future. She says some things you don't expect to hear. Things that people just don't say. The things you secretly believe or wish you could say yourself. Things you know need to be said, but too often aren't, in our modern, polite society. Things like this:
In three years, Private Jordan's enlistment will be over. She said she had yet to decide whether to make the military a career and extend her service or to leave and do something else, perhaps back here in Lyndon. "If the war in Iraq ends, I might get out, because what's the point of being in then?" she said. "But if another war is happening, I could get back in full time, that's what I'm thinking."

Or like this observation I made recently:
What is the big holdup on Joe Dirt 2? I have been waiting for a sequel all these years!

Important, inspiring things like that.

Found in the paragraph twenty-nine of twenty-nine of this NYT article here, but it wasn't buried there to hide something positive about the military. It worked well there as a sharp closer to a rather positive article about one soldier's life as she prepares to go to Iraq. This is an article that supports the troops in all the right ways. Some woman Monica Davey wrote it. Never heard of her; maybe I'll look up some of her other stuff.

Private Jordan is hard core. What's the point of joining if there's no war? But if another war does come along, I'm there! How can you not love that?

Good luck kid. Be careful.
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