Thursday, December 29, 2005


Whatever Happened To . . .

. . . Andrew Josh Koenig. If you're into computers, you might be thinking of Andrew Koenig. Kind of an interesting guy in his own right. And he looks like a computer type guy, too. Check him out if you don't believe me.

You might recognize the Koenig name, especially if you're into Star Trek. Getting warmer now. But I'm looking for his son, Andrew Josh Koenig. Better known as Richard Stabone. Even better known as Boner. That was his character on Growing Pains, one of those family sitcoms back in the 1980's. I was a fan. Not just because of Boner. It was an ok show, that gave a very positive family image. Your family could do a lot worse than be like the Seavers.

I seemed to recall that when Boner left the show in 1989, he was going to go into the Marines. That was what his character did, and I thought he was doing the same thing in real life. In 1990 he did some voice work for the G.I. Joe animated TV series, and a one shot on Deep Space Nine in 1993. The next we see of him is ten years later, doing some directing, editing, and writing on a couple of shorts in 2003 and 2004, and he looks to have a small role in a feature length film coming out in 2006 called The Theory Of Everything.

Of course, karma is everywhere. In 2003, he played the Joker in a short fan film Batman: Dead End. Apparently you can watch it on ifilm, although most times that site doesn't work for me. The karma comes in because I saw an interesting site that has a selection of panels from I think a 1954 Batman comic in which the term boner comes up rather often. I can see how they might get away with it on 1954. I could even see how they get away with a character named Boner on a 1985 TV show. Could we really see someone named Boner on television today? In a comic book, would you really see something like this today?

See the rest of this series, and many more old comics with similar "inappropriate" content here.

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