Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Ringer, The Farrelly Brothers, And The PR Special Olympics

The Farrelly brothers are all upset. Boo hoo. They're mad because, in an ironic twist on the South Park episode The Simpsons Already Did It, it turns out that this time, South Park already did it. Up The Down Steroid was an episode that aired in March 2004 about a normal person entering the Special Olympics figuring he can easily win, and get money and fame and all the rest. The Farrellys don't like that because they have a movie called The Ringer about pretty much the same thing.

I call BS. Turns out, within ten minutes of reading how outraged they are and how the South Park guys are "creepy" for ripping off their movie, I saw a commercial for The Ringer. This stinks of retarded PR. The episode aired almost 21 months ago, and they're only outraged now, at the beginning of the press buys for the release of their movie? Sounds to me like their sole motivation is free publicity, not hurt feelings or stolen ideas.

There was a similar dust-up when Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes came out. An inside joke between Kevin Smith and a reporter led to stories that Smith would be suing Burton for stealing the idea of a Chimp-headed Lincoln. And now that I think of it, early drafts of Mallrats had a scene in which Joey Lauren Adams' character Gwen got cum in her hair, and later her hair was strangely spiky, not unlike a scene you all remember from There's Something About Mary, a movie made by the Farrellys three years after Mallrats.

As Cartman would say, "Hella weak."

Or, as Cartman might sing, "The Farrelly brothers are big fat bitches..."

Gratuitously tasteless P.S.:
Q: What's better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics?
A: Not being retarded.

Actual Update: Here's someone else who knows what I'm talking about, and he got there first.
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