Monday, December 12, 2005


Know Your Future? No.

Just a quick writing prompt today. If you had the chance to see what your life was like 20 years in the future, would you look? Tell why or why not.

I would say no. I expected most of the kids would say yes. Instead, about 75% of them said no. Of the nays, maybe 60% felt that it would take the surprise out of life, and perhaps 15-20% each thought they might mess up their future if they knew it ahead of time, or that life was meant to be lived as it comes. A couple didn't want to know who might have died, and so wouldn't look. The yeas were split 70-30, the majority saying they would look so they could fix things that hadn't gone well and the minority looking to see how things had turned out/if their dreams had come true.

What would you do?
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