Thursday, December 01, 2005


Enhanced Services Billing Inc Update

Updating this rather longish post here, I did make the call, and everything seems to be squared away this time. We'll see how it goes in another month. In the meantime, if you really want to see what jerks these guys are, check out this place called Rip-Off Report. I don't know why ESBI hasn't been sued again; they seem to be doing the same sort of stuff they were doing in the last lawsuit they lost.
Lord Floppington, you're a lifesaver! Thanks for these posts about Enhanced Services Billing. I was looking at my bills yesterday, and discovered two charges last month and two this month from this company. Couldn't figure out what they were for, so started checking the internet. And found you. Your success gives me the hope that I'll have the same success getting these removed. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm sure they'll help many more as well.
The second time around, the bill was clear, and since then I haven't had a problem. However, almost every week there's at least one hit on that topic, which tells me these people are pretty shady and must be pulling this stunt over and over again. Consider also that you and I got curious and looked into what was going on. Imagine people, maybe even many senior citizens who just start paying the added charge, figuring it's just another cost of new fangled technology. It always makes me wonder if I'm getting ripped off in other ways I don't even know about.

Everyone in a family should be aware of where the family's money goes. It's always tragic when a spouse dies or a divorce happens in which one spouse took care of everything financial, leaving the surviving spouse bewildered and almost helpless in what is already a very trying time. Even kids can learn about money, and the importance of saving.
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