Friday, November 18, 2005


House Vote On Vote On Troop Withdrawal

Representative Murtha urged yesterday that we immediately withdraw from Iraq. People say all kinds of things, and it's very easy to say things for effect that you really don't mean. Many Democrats hailed Murtha as a straight thinker who needs to be respected. Others on the left had a reaction that might be charaterized as "Take that, you lying, lying Republicans!"

I'm all for respect, and I respect Mr. Murtha's honestly held beliefs. Apparently, Republicans share my feelings of respect. They respected Mr. Murtha and other Democrats so much, that they scheduled a vote. They scheduled a vote that essentially said we should have a vote, tonight, about whether or not we should immediately withdraw. Mr. Murtha: Let's withdraw. House Republicans: Ok let's vote on it. That would seem to me to be the epitome of respect. Not "You're a crazy man, Murtha!" or "Go smoke your peace pipe, you hippie!" No. A respectful invitation to vote on the concerns of a member of the minority party in the House.

But how can this respectful gesture be seen as a negative? As a dirty trick by the Republicans? Because calling for a vote is another way of saying "Put your money where your mouth is." If Democrats really believe we shouldn't be there, as they constantly seem to complain, then they should vote to take our troops out. That would seem to be the only option, if their beliefs are honestly held. Again, I'm simply according them the respect they demand. I'm not questioning their patriotism. I am instead accepting that what they are saying is what they truthfully believe. And if they truthfully believe it, they should have no problem voting for it. They should have no problem voting for House Resolution 572. If they honestly believe our troops should be pulled out now, I can respect that belief. I don't agree with it, but I respect their right to have that belief. They should have no problem voting for HR 572 and by passing it, bringing a vote to the floor on whether or not we should withdraw our troops from Iraq.

Yet, when I look at the voting, I see that every voting Democrat, the independent, and five Republicans voted not to have a vote on the floor to remove the troops.

Actual Update: Whoops! I could have said the resolution passed, and the vote on bringing our troops home will happen later tonight.

Look at the roll call vote here.

More to come.

Actual Update: Murtha just said that it's easy to sit in Washington DC and vote to send our young people off to battle. If I was a member of the House or Senate I would be offended by that. How dare he say that it is some easy frolicsome decision to send troops to war? How dare he imply that my vote was something as casual as the decision to hit Burger King or Taco Bell for dinner tonight?

8:05 PM Pacific: Vote is called, roll call vote, House Resolution 571, it will be a 15 minute vote. This will be the vote to bring troops home immediately. Yea vote is to bring them home.

8:17 PM Back to the above point. If they honestly feel we should bring the troops home, which I take to be the case by their support of Murtha, who made the proposal, the Dems should have voted yea on HR 572, in order to bring this vote to the floor. Yet, all 196 Dems who voted, voted against bringing this vote to the floor. And now that the vote is actually here, HR 571, only two Dems have voted yea, bring the troops home, with 22 not voting so far. I cannot reconcile that with their honest support for bringing the troops home. I cannot understand why this should be the case. The only way it would make sense is if the Democrats say they want the troops home, but don't actually mean what they say. That they're just talking a game to look good, but actually won't put their money where their mouth is. Which doesn't reflect well on either their honesty, or their ability to stick to their convictions. It isn't even a binding resolution. They could give the yea vote and the troops still wouldn't come home.

8:30 PM Or will they say tomorrow that their vote not to bring the troops home is the lie? That they were tricked into it by that liar Bush or that evil genius Rove. But how much of a trick can it be if all the Republicans did is ask them to vote on the issue they all seemed to support? I don't question their patriotism.

HR 571 has utterly failed: 403 Nay to 3 Yea, with 6 Democrats voting Present.

Results of this roll call vote here. I don't question the Democrats' patriotism. I do question their opportunism.

Many thanks to Gateway Pundit, for coverage of this, and numerous other issues, including some of the most comprehensive reports on the French "Youth Antics" I found. Start at the top and just keep reading.
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