Monday, November 14, 2005


Excitable Andy Moves To Time.Com

From the big cheese, we hear that Andrew Sullivan will be moving to in 2006. Everything else will be the same, the excitableness, the flip-floppishness, the pure foppishness, the regular blog you've come to know and have some sort of positive or negative opinion about, just at a new address.

Question: Would he dare to do another "Expensive Bandwidth" fundraiser now that someone else is hosting him?

Sub-question: Come to think of it, with Sullivan's blog being so expensive to maintain, how can Time afford it? Besides, doesn't AOL-Time-Warner ring a bell to anyone over there?

Question: How much will he be getting paid? A guy like Ace gets paid jack. It's all from the heart with him. It's why he always slices like a f'cking hammer. It's just. The f'cking. Way. It is.

Question: "He will maintain full control over the content of his blog." - Managing editor Jim Kelly. Really? This will be news to Sullivan watchers, who know he can't quite control himself now.
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