Thursday, November 24, 2005


Do You Gleek? Or Do You Yang? Thanksgiving Update!

(Bumped up from its original post date on Halloween.)

So way back when I was in school, there was a clever little trick I could never master. Which is probably good, because I would have been doing it all the time. It seems there is a certain way that you can sort of curl up your tongue, and make your saliva glands shoot out a little stream of drool. Just a few drops, but it might go a couple of feet. Like some kind of spitting cobra or something. And if you could explain to me how to do it, I would be ever so grateful. But here's the thing. At my school, if you did this trick, you were said to have yanged on someone. At Miss Tori's school, you gleeked on someone. So what did they call it at your school?

Los Gatos John informed me in the comments that it's gleeking for him too. Today I did an informal poll at Thanksgiving dinner with both sides of the family. I was very disappointed. Miss Nicky says gleek. Special K says gleek. Code Name Eagle says gleek. Over on the other side of the family, Cousin Mentor says gleek. Coyote Mel says gleek. No one says yang. I can't believe it. Are there any Wildcats out there who can confirm that I'm not hallucinating? Help me out here.

On a side note. This was the first chance for Miss Tori to meet the extended sides of both families. Seemed to go really well.

Actual Update: With able assistance kindly offered, the net on this question might be cast a little wider. Maybe you won't have to wait til Christmas for the next update!

Actual Update II: Done and done! Andrew Cory, who has his own blog, Punning Pundit, here, will be giving the readers at Dean's World a chance to weigh in on this. He guest posts over there. Working on two blogs, and I can barely run this half-baked blog here. Thanks Andrew!

Actual Update III: Dang! Andrew did it, but the results went against me. Gleeking seems to be the massive favorite. Read the post and comments here. Thanks again Andrew!
gleeking - los gatos high school california (present)
Thanks John! Maybe I should have added that Miss Tori's gleeking was in the Antioch/Brentwood area, early 1990's.

The yangers were in Sonora Ca. mid 1980's.

The rest of you, add your location and date as well, and thanks again John for the idea.
We, from Woodland Hills, Southern Cali in early 80's called it yanging.
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