Tuesday, October 04, 2005


O'Reilly Sez: The Most Politically Smearingest Sites On The Web

Not as impressive as he billed it. Media Matters, in some way sponsored by Soros (the hapless Otis of the left compared to Rove's Luthor of the right), is "vile". Smoking Gun he doesn't like either. But didn't they run some stuff on Bill last October? Maybe he's got a grudge. And that's it. No other sites mentioned.

Two guests on the segment. David Kline, who wrote this book Blog!: How the Newest Media Revolution Is Changing Politics, Business, And Culture, and some other guy Joe Babbin, a former Undersecretary of Defense. The most interesting part for me was when O'Reilly told these two that a bunch of people turned down the chance to appear on the segment because they didn't want to find themselves in the Media Matters crosshairs. Of course he wouldn't name names, and if I was in his position, I wouldn't have either. Bill's point was that if these people, the talking head types, were afraid of Media Matters, imagine the chilling effect these smear sites have on people merely considering running for public office. Or being considered for nomination to high court positions. Are these people finding success? Are they keeping good men and women from public positions with the hack and slash campaigns they threaten to pursue? Even more important, did those two guests feel like chopped liver when Bill essentially said they were perhaps his fifth, sixth, or seventh or even lower choices to appear on the show?
Just checking the Germans. That is all.
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